Sunshine and Inspiration Make an Artist (November 8 – November 14)

Autumn’s pleasant weather creates delightful picnic time and you can artistically design a stunning cheese and honey board to brighten your best picnic spot. The whole concept behind culinary boards is to make it “eye” appealing with multiple selections. This is done by putting “like” items together, not all mixed in a messy pile. Then, a pattern is run with those “like” items, such a linear row of seasoned crackers separating two artfully presented cheese sections on the board. Fruit can be the central focal point, with a stunning honeycomb set directly onto the board. Add sections of nuts, artfully arranged and charcuterie specialties for interest. For an added dimension, give items in your gastronomic presentation some height. To begin the project, purchase a sturdy food appropriate board that will support the weight of your food choices. It can be a wooden board, a marble slab (heavier to transport) or an interesting piece of slate or stone. The night before, clean your base board and draw a layout design. This way, you know that you have acquired all of your delectable delights…avoiding that – oh, so forgetful moment. Will you need cheese knives or is your cheese choice already sliced? Do you have a honey dipper and a small knife for the honey presentation? What will you use to cover the board once completed? Have you made room in your vehicle to transport the board? I view it as a fun art project…just don’t forget the wine and corkscrew…© Kelly McBride Loft

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