Build Your Special Far Away Moment (November 1 – November 7)

Missing Paris? It is in lockdown and our prayers are that a prevention/cure for Covid-19 is finalized soon. If you can’t visit the Paris, bring it home by creating a Parisian night. There is a very famous restaurant in Port Maillot on Boulevard Pereire called Le Relais de Venise son entrecôte. It is known for serving fantastic steak and fries (in French called entrecôte – premium beef cuts and pommes frites – what we call French fries). Prepare your beef filet and air-fry your pommes frites. Turn on a French cinema creation. With this combination, you have created dinner and movie. Now, change up the dining configuration in your home. Instead of the dining room, kitchen table, or TV tables, utilize a bistro table, tea cart, or tea table, which is set up near the TV so that the dining experience reenacts the Parisian atmosphere. All of the factors contribute to a divine dining moment, entrenched as a Francophile, and without getting on a plane. © Kelly McBride Loft

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