Read for Leisure (November 15 – November 21)

Reading is to be revered. With less daylight, our “shorter” days provide more time inside and this is the perfect time to plan a leisure read. Reading time is also a great time for tea and open-faced sandwiches.
Cucumber sandwiches are always a classic with very thinly sliced cucumbers on white bread with the crust cut off. Spread mayonnaise onto the bread and artfully set the cucumbers. Open-faced sandwiches include selections with the crust, which are a favorite in Scandinavia. These can include smoked salmon, sliced turkey, roast beef, etc. Always, put the condiments, lettuce, and tomato on the bread first. Top the protein choice with a black olive to complete the design. Some just prefer vegetables. Alternate your bread choices such as pumpernickel or rye. Just plan the prep, select your tea, and read away. It’s a soothing moment to embrace the autumn season…cookies should always await the last chapter. © Kelly McBride Loft

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