Take the Lead (November 22 – November 28)

Your clan is arriving soon, as they have been properly preparing their role by being socially distant prior to Thanksgiving. They have checked their temperatures and they are donning good masks. Your lovely Thanksgiving is challenged; however, you can create a memorable Thanksgiving by planning ahead. Have a backyard or porch gathering. If you don’t have a backyard, the driveway is an option by setting out beach umbrellas. In fact, those sturdy umbrellas are probably on sale this time of year. Set up your staging area with paper plates and disposable utensils, if your invitation list goes outside your immediate family. Have each immediate family section sit together as a unit. If people want to chat before and after eating, they need to be required to wear their masks. If you are the host and/or hostess, by following reasonable guidelines, your leadership will be most appreciated – just as being the cook is always appreciated. A couple of entertaining tips – Break out the forgotten punch bowl and fill it with brewed tea. Prior to the big day, freeze an ice ring of tea with slices of fresh orange. When serving, float the ice ring in the brewed tea for a practical and attractive way to service some of the beverage needs. Another tip is to create small individual dips in ramekins. Cut carrot and celery sticks of 5” in length to create a fanned “turkey” tail on the backside of each ramekin. It will take the hungry edge off while everyone waits for grand performance of the showcase turkey. Take the lead on staying safe. If you a cook, you are the leader. Have fun with your most meaningful Thanksgiving ever, as we count our blessings! © Kelly McBride Loft

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