Re-thinking Fast Food (March 29 – April 4)

As we try our best to stay well during these monumental times, many are relying on sandwiches to provide substance. I have a suggestion. Reinvent the same cold cuts of turkey, smoked turkey, ham and/or smoked ham. Instead for putting the cold cuts onto slices of bread, roll 3 to 4 spears of canned asparagus with 2 slices of the thinly sliced cold cut. Top with each asparagus roll-up with your choice of salad dressing and served chilled. I prefer the blue cheese topping; however, mayonnaise or sour cream will work, too. If you have paprika, sprinkle a dash on top of the dressing. Pair your cold cut roll-up with deviled eggs for an extra flavor booster. This is a very good and fast alternative to lunching at home or a needed take to work for those who work to keep us safe. We thank our first responders and health care workers during this time of need. © Kelly McBride Loft

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