Fruitful Moments Make the Best Memories (April 5 – April 11)

Many may be working from home; however, food can still be interesting and fun. I am beginning to recall recipes from my grandmother and her hand-pies are a sweet memory. All you need are canned biscuits, some flour for dusting and frozen or canned fruit. First, prepare the fruit. If canned, the fruit will already be sweet enough. You will only need to thoroughly strain it. If frozen, the fruit may need to be sprinkled with some sugar or brown sugar, by heating on the stove. Just strain it, once prepared. Make the hand-pie crust by rolling out a biscuit from the can, dusted with flour. Fill the pie with a small amount of the drained fruit on the half-side of the circle, not touching the edge with the fruit. Fold over the dough on top of the small fruit pile. Then, crimp the dough to the other half by pressing the edges together. Fry both sides of the pies in the oil of your choice. A great tip for frying any item: Always turn with item with two utensils to avoid a splash back from the hot oil. A spatula can flip the pie and a large fork placed on the opposite side can steady the pie to minimize the splash. Wearing gloves is always a good idea, too. Making hand-pies is a fun project for family time and homemade cuisine creates memorable moments. © Kelly McBride Loft

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