Gift Your Friends with a European Culinary Wrap (August 7 – August 13, 2022)

Papillotes are the quintessential way to heat and cook artfully presented main courses and desserts. All you need are the ingredients wrapped in parchment paper. First make the papillote (the handmade parchment paper bag, wrapped tightly on the ends or tied with cotton string on the ends), to encase the ingredients. A fun August dessert that only requires two ingredients is highly recommended: Les Oranges au Chocolat. Place orange segments and dark chocolate baking chips into the papillote. Heat the papillote(s) in the oven at 350⁰ for just a few minutes until the chocolate melts. Place the entire papillote bag onto the serving plate for the individual to break into her delightful culinary treat – oranges infused delicious chocolate! It’s August sunshine on a plate… © Kelly McBride Loft

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