Bring the South of France Home (August 14 – August 20, 2022)

Many seafood explorations are exciting but we are all concerned about food costs. There are ways to acquire the quality, the taste, and a full-meal concept without breaking the bank…just begin with a rice base. Then, top the rice with delicate scallops or the seafood of your choice. Rice selections are varied and wild rice with some chopped nuts will add flavor and crunch. For an additional dimension, add a dash of dried fruit to your rice medley for color and impact. Even the addition of cooked spinach will elevate the rice value. When cooking the scallops, remember to not overcook the delicacies. After the scallops are seared, add a dash of Pastis de Marseille to infuse a true French apéritif. Once your rice and seafood selections have been determined, enjoy the sauce selection. A lovely citrus sauce is always an August winner; however, a cream sauce infused with Comté cheese will provide the smooth elegance to an outstanding dining experience. You may as well be having dinner in Cannes and enjoying the views and flavors of the Mediterranean region! Lucky you. © Kelly McBride Loft

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