The Amazing Culinary You (February 23 – February 29)

These days, the local grocery stores are selling very tasty whole chickens, made fresh daily. So, for the days when you desire a home-cooked meal, but don’t have the time to cook a significant protein, it is time for a plan. Just purchase the cooked bird and re-create it as your own flavor design. There are enhancements that work well. One is to drizzle the sliced chicken with a sauce made from a mixture of half fresh squeeze lemon juice and raw honey to create lemon chicken. Another version of lemon chicken is to marinate the cooked chicken breasts in a dash of lemon salad dressing for 10 minutes and then sear the chicken breasts in olive oil with basil leaves. The taste and presentation are outstanding. These cooked chickens can also be enhanced with cranberry or rice pilaf, too. So, be the amazing preparer, when time constraints abound. It’s your dining time and you own it as a culinary star! © Kelly McBride Loft

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