Seaside Your Readiness (July 10 – July 16, 2022)

They’re coming to dinner…and what is there to serve, with a short notice? It’s lobster tails to the rescue. To be ready at any time, just ask your fish merchant for the lobster tails that are still frozen. Since those tails have never been thawed, put the tails straight into your home freezer and you’ll be prepared for a culinary feast by having a summer sizzling spectacular…lobster anytime! Once thawed (which is a short time), lobster tails can be boiled, broiled, or grilled for fine eating. Serve with drawn lemon butter sauce and the gourmet in you will shine. Try Lobster Thermador which combines the cooked lobster tail meat with bechamel sauce, seasoned with mustard, and the mixture is restuffed back into the shell, with Parmesan cheese. Another option, for a fast starter, is to drop chunks of boiled (cooked) lobster into your favorite tomato bisque, with a dash of sherry and cream for summertime favorite. On the US east coast, Lobster rolls are a classic meal, especially in Bar Harbor, Maine. Michael and I have had the freshest Lobster Rolls there, while dining on the peer in this quaint lovely cove on the northeast coast. Bring the seaside favorites to your home and summer ‘round-the-table brings everyone closer. © Kelly McBride Loft

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