Make Your Family Happy by Serving Crustaceans (October 18 – October 24)

Crabmeat is available year-round and its flavor is always a culinary treat. From juicy crab claws to succulent sections, crabmeat can be enjoyed as an entrée, an appetizer, a bisque, as a topping, or as an ingredient, such as a quiche. Crabmeat meals can be derived from soft shell crabs, stone crabs, blue crabs, spider crabs, velvet crabs, brown crabs, etc. My favorite is Alaskan King crab. There are a lucky few who live in Alaska, where crab restaurants offer the freshest catch, for self-cracking pleasure. Actually, making a mess is half the fun. A classic favorite is Crabmeat Imperial and it composed of very basic ingredients, served in oversized authentic scallop shells. The most important thing to note is if you are utilizing authentic scallop shells, it is necessary to boil the shells in advance to kill any lingering bacteria before using the shells as serving dishes. The crabmeat is combined with sauteed diced bell peppers, shallots, garlic, and parsley, which, when cooled is mixed with mayonnaise and shredded Italian cheeses. The mixture is piled onto the prepared seashells and baked. The Crabmeat Imperial puffs up and this rich delight is a retro favorite. Tonight, I am preparing the crabmeat by cooking it and cracking it, with a fresh lemon drizzle. Then, I will steam fresh asparagus. The heated crabmeat will top the fresh asparagus with lemon butter sauce. It’s that simple for a lovely “over the top” meal with crabmeat styling. © Kelly McBride Loft

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