Make a Mound of Memories (July 24 – July 30, 2022)

Bring on the Baked Alaska, to break the heat and to have some fun! First, bake a cake base and freeze it, to hold the mound of your favorite ice cream. Top the mound of icy sweetness with meringue and top that with coconut. Freeze the Alaska. When ready to serve, bake the Alaska to brown the meringue and coconut. This can be flambeed, as an option; however, a skillful person needs to be careful when choosing that method. Another opportunity is to make mini, individual Baked Alaska desserts. The large one, tends to have more of an impact. This was the first dessert that I learned to make, as a child, without help. It is that easy and it is the dessert that set me onto a lifetime destiny of discovering and exploring the culinary arts. All it takes is one inspiration…and it is one way to make the summer of 2022 most memorable. Enjoy! © Kelly McBride Loft

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