Find Some Happiness Through Your Kitchen (July 19 – July 25)

Take care of two needs at the same time…cool down and aid your sweet tooth. I call it Kelly’s Cuatro Leches Cake. Bake your favorite vanilla favored genoise or sponge cake in a ceramic rectangle pan. When the cake is removed from the oven, poke holes in it with a wooden skewer. Combine the following ingredients to pour onto the cake: 1, 12 oz. can of evaporated milk; 1, 14 oz. of condensed milk, a quarter cup of whole milk and a quarter cup of coconut milk. Then, add 1 teaspoon of coconut extract flavoring. Mix well and slowly infuse the baked cake. (You might have some extra liquid left over. Infuse the cake until it absorbs the liquid but the cake is still springy.) Refrigerate the cake overnight in the pan. The next day, top with the cake with crushed pineapple that has been pressed between 2 plates to remove the excess juice. Then, top that with whipped cream, topped with shredded coconut. Serve this astounding chilled cake with Pina Coladas! Whatever might have been worrying you prior to this moment…you are your best keeper of your memorable personal moments. Indulge. You deserve every happiness. © Kelly McBride Loft

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