Finally, the Summer of 2020 Takes a Bow (September 20 – September 26)

It’s the official last week of the summer of 2020, with Autumn beginning on the 23rd and if we ever needed a significant celebration for making it through this summer, it is now. Personally, it’s been like being forced to sit through a really bad play that just wouldn’t end. The bow and closure have been long over-due. Let’s throw an ice cream party! Brandy Alexanders, for adults, are dramatic and exciting. Serve those in over-sized brandy glasses by mixing vanilla ice cream with brandy and top with nutmeg. For the youngsters, Cola Floats are a treat, with a cherry on top. Add in a Baked Alaska with Peppermint Crunch ice cream for a flambé spectacular. Baked Alaska is created with a vanilla genoise cake base and ice cream piled on top. Then, meringue is added for a snowy mountain look. The mountain is completely frozen. Just prior to serving, the Baked Alaska is flambéed for a delightful finish. The perfect additions to the Baked Alaska service are ice cream forks. These are utensils that are half fork and half spoon. For plain ice cream, edible spoons made from cookie dough are a fun treat, too. © Kelly McBride Loft

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