Authentic Fresh Salmon Croquettes (August 2 – August 8)

Bake 2 lbs. of fresh salmon (with the skin removed). First, put a tab of olive oil in the bottom of a Pyrex dish. Place the prepared fish in the dish. Squeeze fresh lemon on the top and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Lightly sprinkle a dash of salt on top of the salmon. Bake covered for 35 to 40 minutes at 350⁰F. The fish can be cooked the night before and refrigerated.
Meanwhile, toast day-old hamburger buns. Run the buns through the food processor to make fresh bread crumbs. Then, run 1 onion through the food processor, to mince and reserve.
In a large bowl, place the cooked salmon. Flake it and mince it with a fork. Then, squeeze ½ a lemon on it. Lightly salt it and add a touch of pepper. Mix by hand, with gloves on. Form a “well” and drop in 3 eggs. Mix well. Add about ¼ cup of the minced onion. Add, little by little, the bread crumbs and alternating portions of Parmesan cheese (powder style). You will probably utilize about 8 bread slices (turned into crumbs) and about ¾ of a container of grated Parmesan cheese (8 oz.). Mix well. The goal is to not have the salmon patties dry and hard. You want the patties to stay together but tender. Pan fry the patties in half vegetable oil and half olive oil. These Salmon Croquettes are really nice when served with a Creamy Caesar Dressing as a dipping sauce. It is a great summer recipe that can be utilized as an appetizer or a hearty family meal! © Kelly McBride Loft

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