A Real Reason to Celebrate (December 27 – January 2)

Oh, if there was ever a year to celebrate, it is the closure of 2020 to embrace 2021! Create your own version of a London Grille while firing up your grille and fire pit with the people who live under the same roof. Offer grilled lamb, veal, beef filet, Cornish hen, and/or crab claws. I suggest lemon parfaits for desserts – changing the sour lemons of 2020 to the sweet lemon desserts in 2021! Social distancing is a necessary protective measure; however, separating outdoor dining table(s) to family units who live under the same roof, can enhance a celebratory moment. Take temperatures upon arrival with a non-contact forehead thermometer and set the ground rules that we don’t clink glasses this year. Baked Alaska fits this style gathering – but keep everyone outside and at a safe distance. (Tenting or a garage transformation will be the backup inclement weather coverage – it’s still 2020 and we still need to be flexible.) This is the year to safely celebrate that you survived 2020!

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